Design Build and Project Management

Using state-of-the-practice computer-aided engineering systems, Mursix engineers help customers optimize part and component designs. Our engineers are able to give valuable input to our customers' product design teams in such areas as manufacturability, tolerancing for fit and function, and cost reduction.

Manufacturing expertise at Mursix is complemented – and strengthened – by our considerable experience in project management. Mursix project managers are competent in the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing our resources – and those of our suppliers – to bring about the successful completion of each project. They fully integrate themselves and their project teams with our customers and our supply chain partners. Within the integrated, multi-disciplinary enterprise that is the Mursix Corporation, our project managers interact with all facets of our business - quality, engineering, purchasing, logistics, and manufacturing. Detailed schedules (including Gannt and PERT charts, as necessary) are generated for each project.

Design and process engineering are fundamental to our efforts at Mursix. We've achieved success by partnering –in the true sense of the word, where both the supplier and the customer work to build mutual trust and respect– with customers who assign value to the design assistance that Mursix can bring to their projects. A key element of these partnerships is the early involvement of our engineers on customer design teams. For Mursix, precision engineering is one of our core competencies!

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Featured Project: Delphi

Part: BusBar Assembly
Location: North America
Industry: Automotive HEV/ EV
Material: Composite Plastic & Copper

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