Engineering & Development Process

Mursix is a technology driven organization that prides itself on its ability to solve problems for its customers. As a diverse, one stop shop, Mursix provides solutions throughout our client’s product development lifecycle, from engineering to design to manufacturing and assembly.  But it is our process that defines who Mursix is.

The Mursix process differentiates us from our competition, allowing us to supply the highest quality precision components for our customers. Vertical integration, in-house product and tool design, and a cradle to grave commitment to engineering enhancements and cost reduction set Mursix apart. It is a focused, disciplined approach to project management that allows us to pull it all together. At Mursix, we integrate project management into all functions, spanning the entire product development and manufacturing process, from design concept through prototyping, to ongoing product support.

Award/Kickoff Phase 

Design/Build Phase

Approval/Product Release Phase

Cost Savings Phase

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Featured Project: Delphi

Part: BusBar Assembly
Location: North America
Industry: Automotive HEV/ EV
Material: Composite Plastic & Copper

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