Today, manufacturing leadership requires a fresh approach. One in which years of experience and talent are on par with relationship-building and team effort. Mursix is helmed by individuals who have a vision for what’s next in meeting customers’ needs for advanced solutions. And who coordinate closely together to set a company-wide tone of creativity, collaboration, and hard work.


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Todd Murray


Todd has served Mursix for more than three decades, setting the bar for what it means to helm an always-growing, employee-oriented, customer-first corporation. His education in the business of successful manufacturing was decidedly hands-on. Supplemented by study at Purdue University Krannert School of Management, he learned principally by doing. Earning respect as an operator of equipment on the factory floor, he has a deeply instilled appreciation for craftmanship, skill and precision that transcends into a new era of automation and technology.

Under Todd’s tenure, Mursix has transformed from a strong family-owned company with 28 employees and $2 million in annual sales to a powerhouse—and still family-owned enterprise—with 300-plus employees and $40 million in annual sales. Building on a solid foundation in conventional manufacturing, he has championed investments into new equipment, advanced technology, emerging markets and human capital.

Driven by a leadership philosophy that links company culture to the personal fulfillment of those in it, Mursix is a place where people like to work. It’s an ethos exhibited on the job and off, where Todd invests time with close family, unique travels and spending time out-of-doors.

Jeff Frost


Throughout his 20-plus year career, Jeff has held posts in engineering, management and operations. Today, as president of Mursix, he provides invaluable hands-on knowledge, plus a clear vision for the future. It’s an ideal balance as we build on our core strengths to advance manufacturing forward.

A proud Indiana native, Jeff holds a B.A. from Wabash College and an M.B.A. from Indiana Wesleyan University. He also has the distinction of developing a unique perspective on leadership and teamwork thanks to a stint playing hard-nosed semi-pro soccer on the fields of Europe. Of late, this pursuit has given way to gentler activities: mastering his golf game and spending time with family.

Susan Murray Carlock

Executive Vice President

It’s hard to sum up Susan. So let’s start with business-savvy balanced by personal commitment. Having grown up in and around her family’s company, manufacturing—and the people who make it happen—are very much close to heart. Through this connection, she has a natural ability to head up our efforts in serving long-standing customers, earning the trust of new ones, and creating a positive tone from the front office to the back dock.

Susan’s innate talent for caring about customers and employees is no wonder, given that she’s a registered nurse with a B.S. from Marian University. Over the past decade, Susan has been key to securing a healthy, growing Mursix by helping diversify our offerings and build the right teams to make us a manufacturing partner that’s truly advanced.

Outside our walls, she works to better the state’s economy as a part of the Conexus Indiana Executive Council, and she’s active in more than one organization that champions women in manufacturing. Still she finds time for life’s good stuff. She’s a busy mom who loves her family, stress-busting exercises (like kickboxing), travel, and snow skiing (in that order).

Jason Keele

Director of Finance

It’s safe to say the well-being of Mursix, financial and otherwise, means quite a lot to Jason. Thanks to family ties (his father worked for the company), he cut his teeth as a clerk at Mursix during college at Ball State University, where he earned a degree in accounting. His talents extend beyond the numbers, as he also maintains skillful oversight of our HR and IT teams as well.

Given that Jason is out in front of so much at Mursix, you might not guess this: he was voted “shyest person” by his high school class. Today, he’s adventurous on the job and off. He’s logged quite a few miles on motorcycle trips to places like Yellowstone and Nova Scotia. When not traveling he’s tinkering with cooking, cars, and projects around the house.


Randy Cremeans

Director of Business Development

Randy has devoted the largest portion of his 20-plus year career to helping Mursix grow. In that time, he’s grown as well. Joining the company two decades ago in the critical role of quality auditing, he has continually stepped up to accept new challenges in sales, operations and engineering. Today, he’s excited by finding new ways to serve current customers. And by applying our diverse capabilities to new markets.

A committed central Indiana native, Randy earned a B.S. at Ball State University. Clearly, he’s a stick-to-it kind of guy. A girl he met in kindergarten became his high school sweetheart, and later his wife. He loves hanging out with his three now-grown kids, playing with the dogs, and—despite the relative flatness of his surroundings—riding a mountain bike.

Jon Baker

Director of Quality

For Jon, it’s been about quality manufacturing from the get-go. Beginning at Ball State University, he gained real-world industry knowledge as a co-op student working to earn a degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. He’s never looked back. Thanks to years of experience as a quality engineer, quality manager, and quality supervisor, Jon is a leader we—and our clients—trust thoroughly.

When he’s away from Mursix, you’ll find him spending quality time at a family lake cottage. And when away from the lake cottage, he’s improving his home, bettering his woodworking skills, and being entertained by a Great Dane, Golden Retriever, and Golden Retriever/Siberian Husky mix he calls a Goberian.