Design & Engineering

Where design and engineering are concerned, Mursix likes to keep things close to home. In-house, in fact. This not only differentiates us from other manufacturers, it helps us keep the closest eye possible on absolute precision. And while quality is critical, close customer collaboration helps us design parts that heighten production efficiency.


More to the story.

Our design and engineering capabilities include:

  • Precision metal stamping dies for both conventional and multi-slide presses
  • In-die tapping, as well as self-clinching nut insertion
  • Class A die design for tight-tolerance metal stampings
  • 2D & 3D CAD design capability
  • In-die tooling for insertion, extruding, and tapping
  • Ability to run in-die material/component integration


Quick conversations can lead to great partnerships. For inquiries about our design and engineering capabilities, reach out today.

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