Tooling & Machinery Building

Mursix is a company of thinkers, makers, and do-it-ourselves problem-solvers. When presented with a manufacturing challenge, our team will create a completely customized solution for you. We design and build economical, repeatable dies in-house, as well as construct automated machinery that improves the quality and processing of more complex products. Some call it innovation. To us, it’s good old-fashioned ingenuity.


More to the story.

Our progressive die building capabilities range from the simple-hit dies, to more complex multi-cavity dies, including:

  • Visual, dimensional, and functional testing
  • Soldering and potting
  • Insertion and forming
  • Infra-staking, heat-staking, ultrasonic staking
  • Orbit forming
  • Wire cutting, stripping, and terminating
  • Tapping and threading
  • Packaging 
  • Multi-part assembly
  • Combinations of the above


Quick conversations can lead to great partnerships. To learn more about how our tooling and machinery building capabilities can help solve your challenges, reach out today.

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