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resistance welding

knee airbag Assembly

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knee airbag ASSEMBLY

Client: Autoliv
Industry: Automotive Safety
Location: Ogden Utah
Product Description: This knee airbag assembly represents the latest advancements in airbag safety zones. This particular model is used in a high end super car and is produced in both left hand and right hand drive vehicles.
Capability: This is a semi-automated sequencing resistance weld assembly where 10 welds are created to combine the individual components into one assembly. There is also a projection weld application to apply a retainer nut. The final assembly is cleaned and e-coated and then packed into compartmentalized packaging.
Machine: 80 kVA GE Schmitt resistance welder  
Material: Mild Steel
Summary: Mursix is well versed in the manufacture of various types of welded components. Resistance, Projection, Robotic wire, and complex fixtured and assembled multi-component welded assemblies.

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