Mursix for Design and Prototyping

Mursix is pleased to offer development solutions for our wide range of customers. During its tenure, Mursix has found that many manufacturers representing a multitude of industries require dies and prototypes that are difficult to design. So, the company stepped in to help with the design and prototyping process. Today, Mursix features a full lineup of capabilities that are important to today's manufacturers. We feature services such as stamping, welding, CNC machining, molding, finishing, and, of course, design and prototype solutions.

Mursix Designers Partner with You

Mursix has been offering design and prototype services for years. Its designers have experience developing a wide array of parts and products. First, the design team partners with each customer, learning their design goals. Many customers come to Mursix needing parts that are challenging to manufacture. So, from the start, Mursix designers set out to define the problem, determining what's challenging about the needed part or product. Then, they create a process for developing a robust die design or a design that fits the customers' needs.

Mursix Makes the Complex Simple

3d Scanner for prototypingMursix designers have a reputation for transforming complex designs into simple solutions. Simplifying a design is actually quite important to many customers because it allows them to reduce costs. The company relies on design suggestions in 3D. Mursix has expanded its capabilities to include 3D printing and customers are enjoying the benefits of seeing and assessing hands-on models.

3D Prototyping

Recently, Mursix collaborated with a client to create a lead part. The part was needed before product development could safely take place. Mursix engineers helped in the part development process using 3D capabilities--an innovative approach to design. One of the best parts about using the 3D resources is that it allows everyone involved in the development process to witness any design flaws before the part goes to the line for manufacturing. If any problems occur, the team can address them before moving the development process further.

Mursix: A Leader in Prototyping and Design Capabilities

By offering prototyping and design capabilities, Mursix is able to save customers a great cost savings. Those flaws just mentioned that become visible in 3D models aren't passed on to the production phase of parts because they're caught early enough. But saving customers money with this service isn't the only reason that Mursix is a leader in this type of service.

Mursix prides itself on partnering with clients right from the beginning of the design process. Designers and engineers are able to build trust with customers' own design team in order to achieve the end goal in mind.

Today, all kinds of industries are choosing to rely on prototyping services for more streamlined and accurate parts and product development and manufacturing. If you have questions about our design and prototyping capabilities, we'd be happy to discuss your project.

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