Meeting Supply Demands with Transfer Business Tooling

Mursix Pivots to Transfer of Business Tooling to Help Companies Meet Supply Demands

Donning personal protective equipment (PPE) in response to the COVID-19 virusThese are tough times all around and many industries are scrambling to get the parts and supplies they need to produce their end products. The pandemic has caused many companies to shutter and left others knee-deep in problems. All over the country, there are disrupted supply chains, horrendously long back orders, and terrible shortages, some of which could be life-threatening as we've seen with shortages of medical components for equipment like ventilators and medical-grade PPE face shields. Mursix has many virtues, but the one that is shining brightest now is our flexibility. We are pivoting to provide transfer of business for customers who need production of parts and products yesterday.

Shortages and Closures and Backlogs--Oh My!

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc with supply chains everywhere. When companies can't get the raw materials, components, or parts they need to make whatever it is they make, production stalls and end-customers like hospitals and other essential operations and facilities can't get the products they need to safely or effectively function. If your supplier, for example, can't fulfill your orders in a timely manner or worse--has closed its doors as so many businesses have--you need to rely quickly on a new provider. For many companies nationwide--Mursix has become that provider.

Transfer Tooling: This Isn't Our First Time Shifting Our Gears

Stamping Press being used to manufacture seat belt components for an automotive industry customerIt's true that the recent pandemic has us accepting more transfer of business or existing tooling orders than at any time in the past, but transfer packages / orders are nothing new for Mursix. During the 2008 financial crisis that involved many business closures, we picked up supply orders for companies representing multiple industries ranging from medical equipment producers to auto plants. In recent years, we've helped fulfill parts and component orders whose chief supplier has gone out of business virtually overnight, threatening to leave customers whistling for their parts. We have always been happy to step in to tackle these time-sensitive situations and are proud to have the capabilities to do so.

Our Fast Reaction Time

As a company that has been specializing in transfer of business or existing tooling for decades, we are poised to step into the supply-chain fray caused by this pandemic. As an inside sales manager for Mursix stated, "Our quick response time sets us ahead of the curve, and our cross-functional staff is always ready for the next project." Mursix can provide companies with a quote quickly and create a pre-production plan in days. As we move into the production phase of supply orders, we work efficiently and expertly to fulfill the orders our clients need.

Do you Need Parts, Components, Or Fully Released Products?

Contact Mursix right away. We are dynamic, flexible, and 100% capable of stepping in to provide the essential products you need.