Mursix Receives Help to Manufacture Medical Components for the Country


Mursix is a Hoosier manufacturer that has long manufactured precision components for the medical industry. The COVID-19 pandemic and its accompanying medical device shortages has prompted willing companies like Mursix to shift gears to meet the unprecedented need for medical supplies and components that make up ventilators, hospital beds, and many other types of medical devices. Recently, Mursix became one of 20 Indiana manufacturers to receive a Manufacturing Readiness Grant from the IEDC, and in partnership with Conexus. These grants will help these Midwestern manufacturing companies improve and expand their operations to increase their production of vital equipment needed in the healthcare industry. 

Manufacturing Readiness Grants

Mursix received part of a $2 million grant awarded by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC). Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb announced the grants to help stimulate state manufacturing investments. According to the governor, the response from manufacturers to the new grant program has started off successfully. Many Hoosier companies are struggling financially because of the pandemic and would find rising to meet new production challenges difficult without grant assistance of this nature.

Mursix: Grant Recipient

The IEDC has awarded Mursix Corporation a grant worth $116,837. Mursix, a stamping and component manufacturer, has historically produced components and products for the medical industry as well as other industries such as automotive, alternative energy, and commercial security.  With this grant money, the company will be able to expand its operation to produce components for medical devices to provide a robust response to the COVID-19 pandemic and related shortages of vital medical supplies.

Mursix VP of Business Development, Susan Murray Carlock, stated that, "Mursix is pleased and grateful to receive this grant and will use it to streamline operations to increase our production of medical components." She added that the company had recently invested in new technology before the pandemic struck. This new technology has been integral to its ability to prototype and design hospital-quality face shields designed to help protect frontline workers from contagion.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused an interruption to supply chains, which has resulted in the shortages medical facilities continue to experience. Carlock said that her company "was gratified to shift gears to help meet these challenges caused by the pandemic, and that Mursix will continue to search for new ways to invest in the new technologies that allow us to meet our country's needs during this difficult time."

If your company produces in-demand medical equipment, discover how Mursix can work with you to produce the components you need for your products. Conveniently located in the Midwest, Mursix can ship products immediately to help you increase your own production.

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