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Mursix Presents Project To Solve Issues in DoD Supply Chain

Mursix partnered with four other Indiana-based companies to pitch a pilot project to solve very difficult technical challenges faced by the DoD supply chain.

Benefits of Reshoring to Midwest Manufacturing

Decades ago, the idea that manufacturers would reshore back to the U.S. seemed like a pipe dream. With companies weighing the advantages of producing in the U.S., reshoring to rust belt cities is no longer a f...

Reshoring Manufacturing for Medical Supplies

The government is encouraging manufacturers to expand production to produce critical supplies within our own borders to combat shortages. Mursix has stepped up to help produce life-saving medical components and fac...

Mursix for Design and Prototyping

Manufacturers from a wide array of industries can rely on Mursix for its advanced design and protoyping capabilities. With the use of 3D printing, for instance, companies can catch design flaws early and save both ...

Meeting Supply Demands with Transfer Business Tooling

Mursix is shifting its gears to provide transfer tooling solutions to businesses from multiple industries. The company is pivoting to churn out parts and components to meet the country's current supply needs.

Partners In Good Times and Bad

Susan Carlock Murray Partner & VP of Business Development of Mursix provides partners with encouraging words for recovery and expresses gratitude about the partnerships now and in the future

Mursix's Manufacturing Process Used To Meet The Medical Industry's Need For PPE

COVID-19 changed business-as-usual. Like many other manufacturers, we stuck to our manufacturing process and were able to help with the medical industry's demand for PPE.

Coronavirus: Mursix fields medical industry requests for essential medical supplies

As an essential supplier of medical components, Mursix will remain open, helping to support the medical industry. The company is also ramping up new product lines like medical shields to help curb the supply shorta...