Coronavirus: Mursix fields medical industry requests for essential medical supplies

respirator-hospital-bedMarch 2020--Like other businesses throughout the country, Mursix is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company, which provides medical components, rapid prototyping services, and stamping solutions, is still open. Mursix is ramping up production to supply medical parts to manufacturers and hospitals all over the country. This aspect of its business is vital to the pandemic fight. Mursix has been deemed an essential business during the shelter-in-place order given by Delaware County authorities and Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb because of its medical component manufacturing capabilities. Mursix will remain open to support the medical industry in any way it can during this unprecedented crisis.

If you've been keeping up with the headlines, you know that many hospitals all over the country have been running out of essential medical supplies--supplies that reduce the risk of spreading infection and life-saving equipment like ventilators. Mursix has the capability to help and is increasing its production of materials for medical supply companies and hospitals. Through the company's own network of suppliers, it's getting the materials it needs to manufacture components that are vital to the production of medical equipment and items like face shields that are needed in increasing numbers.

To help meet the demands for supplies, Mursix is relying on its recent investment--its 3D scanning machine. This scanner is an incredible time saver. It allows Mursix designers and engineers to create and inspect parts before they move into the production phase. Inspecting these items via the scans greatly reduce the potential for flaws--flaws that could prevent them from functioning.

Mursix is ramping up its medical division and shifting its production gears toward manufacturing for medical supply businesses and hospitals in order to help save lives during this pandemic. It has the capability to help build up medical stock that's needed for the treatment of coronavirus and it will continue to keep its doors open to support the medical industry and patients everywhere.

Mursix is building components that are used in medical equipment such as ventilators and other respiratory-assist devices. Its components are also needed to produce hospital and surgical beds and vital signs monitoring devices. Mursix features many services such as plastic injection over molding and machining that are of essential use to the medical industry.

Mursix is fielding requests from hospital systems and individual hospitals for its manufacturing capabilities. The company is in talks with other businesses to see if they can supply Mursix the raw materials it needs to make those vital supplies like face shields, a line of products that Mursix doesn't typically create but is happy to provide in this time of great need.

Mursix is proud to be making a difference and doing all it can to support the medical industry and patients everywhere.