We are now manufacturing face shields in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more.

January 2021 -- Mursix is pleased to announce that it has received ISO certification for the manufacturing of medical devices. ISO 13485 certification has become increasingly stringent, and there are regulatory requirements at each step of a device's life cycle. These requirements are internationally recognized and provide a framework to help ensure a quality management system for the medical device industry. In light of its new product development lines, Mursix has been granted this certification and is excited to move forward with plans to design and produce highly technical products for the medical industry.

Mursix ISO 13485 Certification Signals New Medical Product Development

Mursix supplies many industries with critical components for a wide range of equipment, devices, and products. Achieving ISO 13485 certification comes on the heels of the company's lightning-fast production of face shields to help support the medical industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Susan Murray Carlock, Vice President of Business Development, "Mursix has invested heavily in new technology that allows us to pivot quickly and competently to produce the critical products needed by the industries we serve like the medical field." Mursix will continue to manufacture its face shields from its Central Indiana location as well as other medical components for respiratory-assist devices, diagnostic equipment, and hospital beds. The additional certification opens the door for Mursix to produce finished medical-grade devices that will meet the requirements of regulators and customers.

Dynamic Manufacturing Capabilities Underscore Mursix's Offerings

Mursix supports many industries with its manufacturing capabilities. President / CEO of Mursix Todd Murray says that "the company now has plans to meet increasingly critical demands for medical devices and components produced within the country." The pandemic illustrated the vulnerabilities in the nation's international supply chain. Mursix has the manufacturing capabilities to meet this domestic demand and is poised to do so after receiving this important certification.


Susan Murray Carlock


About Mursix

Headquartered in Yorktown, Indiana, Mursix is a technology-driven manufacturing company characterized by its use of state-of-the-practice equipment and technologies in the production of value-added product solutions. Capabilities include engineering and prototyping, tool design and construction, punch press and multislide stamping of both large and small components (including the stamping of precious metals), precision machining, in-machine processing, injection and insert molding, plating, and sophisticated multi-part assembly.